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Evandro Klein


Welcome Journal of the Geological Survey of Brazil
A long-standing request from the staff of CPRM-Geological Survey of Brazil, I am proud to present to the scientific
community the first issue of the Journal of the Geological Survey of Brazil (JGSB).
JGSB is a peer-reviewed, open access, on-line periodical that will be published three times a year (April,
August, and December). The goal of the JGSB and its editorial board is to become an additional vehicle to the
dissemination of scientific ideas in Brazil, providing the scientific community with high-quality papers covering all
areas of the Earth Sciences, and with contributions made by authors of all affiliations.
As submission and workflow platform we opted for the Open Journal System®, a very functional open-source
software designed by the Public Knowledge Project – PKP®, from Simon Fraser University.
As Editor-in-Chief, I very much appreciated the effort of JGSB’s editorial and production teams, who made
possible to put the journal on-line in a short term. Most of all, I acknowledge the authors that considered to submit
their researches, and the speed of the invited reviewers, which make possible this first issue to be published in
due time.
Together with the associate editors and the advisory board, I welcome and invite researchers, students, authors
and readers interested in the Earth Sciences to benefit from this and forthcoming issues of the Journal of the
Geological Survey of Brazil. Have a long and prolific life!
Visit our webpage at: jgsb.cprm.gov.br
Evandro L. Klein

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Klein, Evandro. 2018. “Editorial”. Journal of the Geological Survey of Brazil 1 (1). https://jgsb.sgb.gov.br/index.php/journal/article/view/44.

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