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Evandro Klein


Dear colleagues, greetings from the Editorial Board.

In 2023, the Journal of the Geological Survey of Brazil - JGSB - enters its sixth year of activities. Growth is naturally slow, but with a good technical-scientific standard of published articles and with respect to editorial policies, periodicity and punctuality. The numbers from 2018 to 2022 also show good reputation and acceptance by researchers from outside the SGB who represent 42% of the first authors.

In 2022, two innovations were introduced in the JGSB's processing: (i) the publication of the accepted version of the manuscript, with DOI and fully citable, which reduces the online publication time and improves journal metrics and (ii) a spreadsheet with authorship credits, which becomes part of the article's pdf, with criteria similar to those of the already well-established CRediT author statement of other publications, but with an appropriate way of viewing individual contributions.

This first issue of 2023 mainly contains the Special Session on the Borborema Province from northeastern Brazil. Oliveira et al. (2023) integrate geology and geophysics to investigate the deep structure of the Sergipe Belt. In-depth reviews on lithostratigraphy are presented for the North (Pinéo et al. 2023) and Transversal Zone (Santos et al. 2023a) domains and also for the Mesozoic basins that cover the province (Morais et al. 2023). The section ends with a short communication on the updated map of the province (Santos et al. 2003b). Finally, we introduce in this issue is a new type of publication, the Historical Review, which consists of texts that do not qualify as a scientific review, but contain in-depth reviews of reports and compilations of historical materials worthy of publication. This format is inaugurated by the historical analysis of geological mapping in Brazil up to 2022 (Rosa-Costa et al. 2023) and a discussion of an arsenic contamination event in the state of Amapá (Scarpelli 2023).

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