Call for Papers to the Special Issue "Brazilian fossiliferous sites with paleobiological importance"


-The special issue "Brazilian fossiliferous sites with paleobiological importance" aims to encourage the publication of articles on the paleontological heritage of the rich Brazilian fossiliferous deposits.

-Lagerstätten deposits are welcome, but those fossil-bearing strata whose fossiliferous content presents evidences of extinction events, biotic crises, climate change, mass mortality, and others, are encouraged.

-Finally, proposals and measures for protection and conservation in the field are also encouraged.


Guest editors:

Prof. Dr. Rodrigo Scalise Horodyski (UNISINOS-Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos and Associate Editor of the Journal of the Geological Survey of Brazil)

Prof. Dr. Hermínio Ismael de Araújo Júnior (UERJ- Rio de Janeiro State University and SBP- Brazilian Society of Paleontology)


The special volume will be published in 2024.

Publication of accepted manuscripts follows the same pattern adopted for regular editions of JGSB. Once the manuscript is accepted, the edited pdf (accepted manuscript_uncorrected proof) is published online with DOI, in an in-progress edition, being fully citable.


Manuscript submission information:

You are welcome to submit your manuscript any time between April 1st, 2023 and December 31, 2023.

For submission, please use the following section: Special Issue - Brazilian fossiliferous sites with paleobiological importance


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Evandro Klein